Flowers and Foliages

Flowers and Foliages
Group Art Exhibition - Virtual
26 August - 26 October 2021
Inner Joy Art Gallery, Malaysia


Legendary American artist Georgia O’Keeffe once mentioned, “When you take a bunch of flowers in your hand and actually look at it, it’s your world for the minute.”

Such is the power of flowers. The importance of flowers have always been acknowledged since time memorial; as symbolism to express one's feelings, as part of certain rituals in some culture and spiritual practices, and as a universal gift that brings joy and awe to the recipients. It is also common to see specific types of flowers chosen as a country's national flower. There are really plenty of special uses of flowers.

Since the pandemic hit the world globally, a lot of people are spending more time at homes since last year, 2020. Flowers somehow had increased in popularity, alongside with foliages potted plants. Flowers and Foliages are not only seen as gifts to bring joy to others but most importantly, as a gift to oneself. Indoor potted plants bearing flowers and foliages have been accompanying a great deal of people all over the world as they go through this pandemic. Caring, tending and enjoying nature indoor through flowers and foliages have been proven to help with calmness, anxiety relief and general mental health well-being all over the world.

The 6 participating artists in this exhibition are fine art painters of flowers in Malaysia who have been using flowers and foliages to express themselves through their artworks. Their flowers and foliages are reminders to all of us on the significance of these blooms and leaves during pandemic - as a symbol of healing, beauty, joy and hope that will definitely last beyond this pandemic.

The 6 participating artists are :

Cyan Low
Danial Kushairi
Diana Ismail
Grace Wang Wan Chew
Nor Liyana @ Lana
Syukran Shakirah

Artist Curator & Producer :

Dymphna Lanjuran,
Inner Joy Art Gallery

All 6 artists come from different parts of Malaysia. As this group exhibition is primarily virtual, all 6 artists are communicating with the gallery through virtual and online means. We are thankful that technology continues to allow our artworks and messages to bloom during this time of pandemic.

Several of the artworks here bear messages regarding the artists' own experience in coping with the pandemic too. We hope all viewers would be able to find solace, comfort and joy through the artworks in this exhibition.

May the joy and beauty of Flowers and Foliages be with all of us throughout this period!