Lim Yu Heng

Lim Yu Heng may be autistic but he has an artistic flair. His talent was unearthed at the age of 2 when he picked up his first pencil. His photographic memory and creativity allows him to draw inspiration from cartoon characters, computer games and television programmes.

His deep fascination with insects – ants in particular, combined with his artistic abilities, you have an art savant who has churned out captivating works of art unlike any other.

Though his drawings depict that of people, monuments, animals and many more, do zoom in to each of these works of art as each piece is composed of little intricate drawings of the little critters (ants!) in different angles.

It is through persistent coaching by his mother and art teacher that Yu Heng is able to harness his skills and weave the drawings of ants into his artistic creations. 

Past Exhibitions :

- 2023, Group Art Exhibition, “I M More: The Tigers of Malaysia”, Torino, Italy.

- 2023, Group Art Exhibition, “Anak Syurga, Lai Lai Art meet The Little Prince exhibition”, Lai Lai Art, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

- 2019, Group Art Exhibition, “Illumine“, Art:Dis (Formerly known as Very Special Arts), Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore.

- 2019, Group Art Exhibition, “10th Walk for Autism and Art Carnival”, Encore Melaka, Malaysia

- 2018, Group Art Exhibition, “I Celebrate My Life“, Art:Dis (Formerly known as Very Special Arts), Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore.

- 2015, Group Art Exhibition, “Art of Hidden Artists”, Entrepreneur Meeting, Malaysia

- 2015, Group Art Exhibition, “Story Behind the Story”, Ayu Art Studio, Malaysia

Art Awards:

- 3rd place of Art:Dis art competition - young adult category

- 1 of the 10 selected artists to enter the IM More - The Tigers of Malaysia exhibition in Torino, Italy