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兰花。夏。飘舞 (2010) by Cyan Low | Original Artwork | Watercolour on Paper | 38 cm x 48 cm

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兰花,虽被喻为"花中君子",但当热风迎面吹来时,它可也随风飘舞,绽放热情的一面。Orchids, although known as the “gentleman” among flowers, will still dance passionately in the face of strong winds.

Title : 兰花。夏。飘舞 (2010)

Artist : Cyan Low

Medium : Watercolour on Paper

Size : 38 cm x 48 cm

A little bit about the Artist

Cyan Low is an advertising designer, a painter Artist and a member of the Malaysian Art Association. His main works of art are divided into four series: Glory of God and His People, Ships, School Life, and Orchids. 

To Cyan, inspiration can come from the subtle changes in everyday life, and it all depends on his own perception; which includes what he sees, hears, thinks and read. 

Right now, Cyan is learning with Master Yang. He feels honoured to meet Master Yang, as he can see significant improvements in his skill, technique, and concepts under Master Yang's careful guidance.

"让艺术触动人心... Let the art touches people’s hearts." - Cyan Low

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