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  • Beach painting by Grace Wang Wan Chew, Inner Joy Art Gallery, Malaysia
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沧海之爱 Love like an Ocean (2021) by Grace Wang Wan Chew 黄婉秋 | Original Artwork | Mixed Media on Canvas | 90 cm x 90 cm

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醒觉: 感恩伴侣-- 两个无血缘关系的人结合,承诺了一辈子的关系会经历许多内外因素的挑战与考验。若不是真爱,这段关系岂能白头偕老?感恩彼此,始终不放手。 


True love withstand the test. Although on the surface is a vast ocean, clear and blue, but is turbulent inside. constantly beaten by the strong winds and waves due to change of seasons throughout the year..... true love holds firmly. does not change and will last forever. 

Awakening: Grateful to your partner - two unrelated people promised a lifetime companionship will experience many challenges from multiple factors. If not true love, how to grow old together? Grateful to each other and never let go. 


Title : 沧海之爱  Love like an Ocean (2021)

Artist : Grace Wang Wan Chew 黄婉秋

Medium : Acrylic, Acrylic Peel (3D rocks) + Beach Sand + Glitter on Canvas

Size : 90 vm x90 cm

Price : RM 3,300 


A little bit about the Artist 

🌟 Grace Wang Wan Chew (黄婉秋) graduated with Bachelor in Mass Communication from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and she was a mandarin newscaster for 6 years before she embarked on a journey as a full-time volunteer in India and Taiwan upon discovery of her life purpose. 

Grace has always been passionate in art since young. She believes that accompanying kids through art can bring love, trust, hope and encouragement to kids and adults too. She does so by teaching them to do handmade dolls in her volunteering works. In simple words, Grace expresses herself through actions, and she believes that “love” is the purpose of life and her actions in life come from that. 

"Love is my purpose in Life, through art I can express Love.” - Grace Wang Wan Chew (黄婉秋)