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Fearless (2021) by Alex Liong Chen Hui | Original Artwork | Clay on Reinforced Board | 76 cm x 51 cm (Complimentary Frame)

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"The nature of a tiger symbolizes bravery and courage in overcoming all kinds of obstacles and tribulations. The big cat's power and strength makes it a conqueror among other wildlife in the forest. With a relentless spirit, let us focus on our goals and achieve our ultimate dreams boldly."

Title : Fearless (2021)

Artist : Alex Liong Chen Hui

Medium : Clay on Reinforced Board

Size :  76 cm x 51 cm

A little bit about the artist

Alex Liong Chen Hui, a Malaysian born Chinese, is an accomplished artist and art teacher. He graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 1994. With 30 years of experience in the field, Alex strives to impact the younger generations through creativity and imaginative thinking, thus creating the 1na1ni @ rt (WarnaWarni Art) program and the Magical Clay program. 

Alex is also the founder of The Artless House (Petaling Jaya) and was an initiative member of faculty in an international school (Kuala Lumpur), where he taught art and design. Through his influence, Alex was featured as a guest on Astro AEC (A Malaysian satellite television provider) and collaborated with the local government to bring awareness on issues surrounding the communities. 

I believe life is full of colors. Colors to express emotion, feeling and thought.  Colors that bring life to everything around the world!” - Alex Liong Chen Hui