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Glimmer of Hope (2021) by Alex Liong Chen Hui | Original Artwork | Clay and Soft Pastel on Reinforced Board | 35 cm x 26 cm

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""This artwork depicts the feeling of wandering in a cold forest with snow-covered trees surrounding us and no paths in sight. Oftentimes, we find ourselves lost in life when faced with challenges, hardships, or even difficulties. However, we must continue to push forward with hope and perseverance to ultimately reach the light that breaks through the obstacles. In the midst of our blackest nights, we have to turn our eyes and seek out even the littlest of glimmers. In this way, we will then be guided back onto the right paths in life, recalibrating our direction once again." 


Title : Glimmer of Hope (2021)

Artist : Alex Liong Chen Hui

Medium : Clay and Soft Pastel on Reinforced BoardSize : 35cm x 26cm


A little bit about the artist 

As a visual clay artist, Alex Liong Chen Hui revolves his themes around nature, landscapes, and sceneries to often depict the bigger picture. His works engage a combination of soft pastels and clay to accurately bring his visions to life. These materials aided by his techniques allow him to explore limitless ideas through creative expression. With intricate details, one may find that they are often led through a carefully crafted story in Alex’s works. 

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Alex Liong (b. 1973), graduated in 1995 from the Malaysian Institute of Art with a Diploma in Graphic Design. He is also a veteran in the educational scene with over 30 years of experience in local education institutions and international schools. Over the years, Alex has accomplished many feats which includes being featured on Astro AEC, organizing fundraisers for Good Samaritan Home (Klang), and conducting art workshops for Malaysian Association for the Blinds (MAB). 

I believe life is full of colors. Colors to express emotion, feeling and thought.  Colors that bring life to everything around the world!” - Alex Liong Chen Hui