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Mermaid Thoughts (2020) by Sin Kae Miin | Acrylic on Canvas | Original Painting | 30 cm x 42cm

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"Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun" sang a red-haired mermaid once. Little had she heard, about the people who sat in front of their screens all day, fantasizing about a perfect mermaid life, which in reality wasn't so perfect either. 

In the capitalist part of mermaid town, the poor ones are paid a few clams, to sort out non-combustible human trash. Bodies of sea-folks suffocating from plastic thingamabobs are lost to the surface. The shiniest treasures are sent to the palace for inspection.

Well, that took a dark turn. So much for escapism. While we sit at home, share your fantasy of the year, if you may."🧜

Title : Mermaid Thoughts (2020)

Artist : Sin Kae Miin

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Size : 30 cm x 42 cm

Price : RM 300


A little bit about the Artist

Sin Kae Miin grew up living in the plantations of Malaysia. She went to school in Kuala Lipis, Ipoh, then Paloh, Johor. 

She graduated with a Diploma in Illustration at The One Academy, Communication Arts in 2006. She has since done various jobs - some art related, while a few were not, such as designed bedsheets, wait tables, served as an art instructor for 8 years at an art center, made bouquets at a flower delivery company, guided art jams, and sold some frozen seafood with her fishmonger brother. Currently, she accepts painting jobs and would offer painting sessions at Minimart when the pandemic situation renders it safer to do so.

"I love life's little discoveries, finding something unusual in ordinary things if we slowed down to observe and listen. Art is always there in our lives, whether to remember something beautiful, to capture a feeling, or to express what is hard to do otherwise." - Sin Kae Miin


This artwork is part of the virtual art exhibition "2020 - 2021 : What's Your Story?" which runs from 21 January - 13 March 2021.