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You Have a Choice (2022) by Eugene Nandakumar | Original Painting | Mixed Media on Canvas | 120 cm x 90 cm

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You Have a Choice (2022)

Eugene Nandakumar 

Charcoal, Satin, Plaster of Paris on Canvas

120 cm x 90 cm 

RM 6,500.00 

Humans are hardwired to flourish in the face of adversity and restriction. We have survived natural calamities, wars, famines, and epidemics. The Covid-19 epidemic is one such restriction that has wreaked havoc on our frail existence. And yet, as humans, we have triumphed, rising above the obstacles that have interrupted our existence. Nonetheless, these constraints have resulted in an enormous amount of inventiveness, whether in the field of art and entertainment or in business. Entrepreneurs needed new methods to market their products, and performers needed a new way to reach out to their audience. Creativity is generated not from freedom, but from constraints that force us to seek those glimmering lights of hope that propel us on.

Please do not cover us with a damp blanket,

We have already been through a lot in our lives,

Do not envelop yourself, in fear and terror,

As it only serves to hasten the predetermined fate of humanity.